Wacker Neuson EZ 36 в Симферополе

Trimmed for productivity

The EZ36 is full of detailed solutions that increase productivity and make working for the operator even more enjoyable and efficient. The intuitive operating concept, combined with precise control, shortens working cycles and saves time and money. In addition, many options can be installed ex factory.

Performance meets maximum efficiency

  • Optimized engine-pump management for up to 15% faster work cycles.
  • Hydraulically piloted accelerator pedals for a precise control of the driving function with the feet leaving hands free.

User-friendly operating concept

Easy and comprehensive control of the excavator thanks to ergonomically designed joystick, jog dial, key pad and 3.5 inch display. The well-known Jog-dial system from the automotive sector allows an intuitive selection of the appropriate operating mode via turn-push button:

  • ECO mode - the standard mode for efficient and fuel-saving work.
  • Power mode - maximum pump performance for fast and powerful work.

Comfort cabin

  • High comfort and fatigue-free working thanks to large cabin with plenty of head- and legroom.
  • With seat and armrest adjustment, numerous storage compartments, a mobile phone docking station and USB port, the cabin can be individually adjusted to the preferences of the driver.
  • Sliding side windows for optimum all-round visibility and air circulation in the cabin.

Windscreen mechanism with many functions

The windscreens of the EZ36 can be adapted to the conditions on the construction site:

  • Closed windscreen: ideal protection no matter what the weather.
  • Open windscreen: easy ventilation of the cabin and unrestricted communication with colleagues.
  • Both windscreens can be stored under the cabin roof - so they do not get lost.

Individually configurable

The customer has further options available ex factory, which are installed individually as required.

  • Up to 5 additional control circuits
  • Telematic
  • Additional rear weight
  • Rubber or steel tracks

Swiveling dozer blade

The swiveling dozer blade with floating position consistently exerts force to the cutting edge. So the position of the shield needs to be adjusted less often, which makes the workflow more efficient and saves time. (Not combinable with the option VDS).

Innovative system for all grapple work

Ideal for all grappling work is the optional "hydraulic thumb", a hydraulic clamp on the bucket.

Working in the slope - without coming to falter

The stepless adjustable inclination VDS compensates slopes of up to 27% and makes vertical digging on slopes possible and easier, which not only provides better ergonomic conditions for the driver, but also saves time and excavation.

Zero Tail - when it gets tight

  • The EZ36 has no rear overhang and can swing conveniently - even in the smallest of spaces.
  • In addition, the EZ36 has compact dimensions.

Transporting made easy

Easy and safe transport thanks to 6 large lashing eyes on the chassis frame and 2 on the dozer blade.

Lifting loads

The external rollers provide increased smoothness of the chains and additional latteral stability for lifting heavy loads.

Unrestricted maintenance and service access:

  • Tipping and dismountable cabin facilitates inspections, maintenance and repair work.
  • Service-related components can be accessed quick and easy due to the removable covers and the large side hood.
  • Lower operating costs due to two low-consumption engine variants that do not require exhaust aftertreatment.

Game Free boom system - even after many operations

Heavy-duty bolts and bearings are equipped with bushings that can be exchanged easily. The boom system thus works trouble-free even in the long term.

Intelligent design

  • Long service life thanks to robust and proven design.
  • Robust frame with sloping chassis reduce dirt accumulation and facilitate the cleaning of the machine.
  EZ36 - level III / Tier IV i EZ36 - Tier IV final

Рабочие параметры 

Параметры двигателя 

Гидравлическая установка  

комплект колес 

Отвальный щит 

Высота  2.630 мм  2.573 мм
Ширина  1.750 мм  1.750 мм
Ширина undercarriage  300 мм  300 мм
Транспортировочная длина  5.503 мм  5.489 мм
Глубина черпания макс. (short dipperstick)  5.489 мм  3.172 мм
Глубина черпания макс. (long dipperstick)  3.497 мм  3.422 мм
Глубина копания max. vertical (short dipperstick)  2.123 мм  2.048 мм
Глубина копания max. vertical (long dipperstick)  2.360 мм  2.285 мм
Высота копания max. (short dipperstick)  4.925 мм  5.004 мм
Высота копания max. (long dipperstick)  5.082 мм  5.157 мм
Высота разгрузки макс. (short dipperstick)  3.336 мм  3.411 мм
Высота разгрузки макс. (long dipperstick)  3.489 мм  3.564 мм
Радиус черпания макс. (short dipperstick)  5.298 мм  5.270 мм
Радиус черпания макс. (long dipperstick)  5.582 мм  5.546 мм
Радиус действия on the ground max. (short dipperstick)  5.391 мм  5.378 мм
Радиус действия on the ground max. (long dipperstick)  5.641 мм  5.629 мм
Радиус поворота задней части min.  933 мм  933 мм
Перемещение стрелы max. to center bucket right side  680 мм  680 мм
Перемещение стрелы max. to center bucket left side  650 мм  650 мм
Высота подъема max. dozer blade above ground  393 мм  393 мм
Глубина копания max. dozer blade below ground  505 мм  505 мм
Длина undercarriage  2.062 мм  2.062 мм
Угол поворота max. boom to the right  45 °  45 °
Угол поворота max. boom to the left  70 °  70 °
--  Радиус поворота стрелы center  2.245 мм  2.245 мм



  • Transport weight: 3,344 - 4,260 kg
  • Width / height / transport length: 1,750 / 2,491 / 5,503 mm
  • Rubber track: 300 mm
  • Dozer blade
  • Working light on boom
  • Tool set incl. grease gun and operators manual


  • Water-cooled YANMAR Diesel engine, modell 3TNV88, 3-cylinder / 1,642 ccm, net performance according ISO 22,2 kW (30,2 PS), rated speed 2,400 rpm (level 3a / Tier IV-i)
  • Idling speed automatic


  • Adjustable and suspended comfort seat with imitation leather cover and safety belt, canopy (and cabin) complies with the current ROPS, TOPS and FOPS * regulations


  • Double adjustment + double gear pump (2x40 + 26.3 + 11.3 l/min)
  • Sums power control
  • Hydraulic pilot control with joystick operation
  • Valve control according to ISO, DIN, SAE, PCSA and EURO
  • Additional hydraulic connections for 2 directions of movement on the dipper stick
  • Auto 2-speed gearbox, 2 driving speeds automatically switched, 2nd gear manually lockable
  • Hydraulically damped accelerator pedals and control levers
  • Hydraulic oil cooler
  • Enlarged, pressure-free return line (for various attachment tools)
  • Proportional control for AUX I; adjustable flow rate by potentiometer

Компания Wacker Neuson предлагает также машины под заказ:


Basic Machine  
+ Cabin (standard)
+ LED lights
+ Long dipper stick
+ Counterweight
+ Preparation Easy Lock/ AUX V
+ Overload system Advanced
(transport weight (+/-2%): 3,634 kg)



Basic Machine 
+ Engine 18,2 kW Tier IV final
+ Cabin (standard)
+ LED lights
+ Counterweight
+ VDS Vertical Digging System
+ Shock cartridge auxiliary hydraulics/ AUX I
+ Preparation Easy Lock/ AUX V
+ Preparation Powertilt (AUX III)
+ Overload system Advanced
+ Control circuit gripper/ AUX IV
(transport weight (+/-2%): 3,895 kg)


Вы также можете выбрать собственную конфигурацию изделия, основываясь на следующих вариантах:


  • Cabin (standard)
  • Working lights front
  • LED lights
  • Air conditioning
  • Splinter shield


  • Overload system Advanced
  • Shock cartridge auxiliary hydraulics/ AUX I
  • 3rd control circuit / AUX II
  • Shock cartridge 3rd control circuit/ AUX II
  • Preparation Powertilt/ AUX III
  • Control circuit gripper/ AUX IV
  • Preparation Easy Lock/ AUX V
  • Biological oil Panolin HLP Synt46
  • Flat faced couplers
  • Hydraulic thumb (preparation)


  • Special paint machine in RAL (for parts in yellow only)
  • Special paint machine no RAL(for parts in yellow only)
  • Special paint Cabin / Canopy RAL (RAL colours only)


  • Security 24 C (2000)
  • Security 36 C (3000)
  • Security 48 C (4000)


  • Telematics Europe 12 months
  • Telematics Europe 24 months
  • Telematics Europe 36 months
  • Telematics Europe 48 months
  • Telematics Europe 60 months
  • Telematics Europe 72 months
  • VDS (Vertical Digging System)
  • Yanmar Diesel engine 3TNV88F-EPWN
  • Dozer blade hydraulically swiveling
  • Rotating beacon LED
  • Immobilizer KAT
  • Long dipper stick
  • Drinving signal
  • Steel tracks 300mm
  • Ballast weight

Assembled Attachments

  • Mechanical quick hitch system MS03
  • Easy Lock
  • Easy Lock with Powertilt
  • Easy Lock with Powertilt and loading hook
  • Hydraulic thumb (complete)

VDS – система наклона поворотной платформы

Система VDS позволяет постепенно регулировать наклон платформы в пределах 15°, с легкостью компенсируя уклон до 27 % нажатием всего одной кнопки. Таким образом, вертикальное копание становится возможным даже на самых неровных участках. Кроме этого, экономическая эффективность и комфорт эксплуатации существенно повышают производительность.

Система быстрой сцепки EASY LOCK – замена навесного оборудования в течение 30 секунд:

Оператор может оперативно выполнять замену навесного оборудования, не выходя из кабины.

Обратная лопата с системой EASY LOCK Прямая лопата с системой EASY LOCK EASY LOCK + Powertilt (устройство наклона ковша)

Система быстрой сцепки EASY LOCK

HS 3

Вес 35 кг
Макс. рабочее давление 210 бар
Высота конструкции 99 мм


Колесные экскаваторы DOOSAN
Уникальные условия лизинга
Колесные и гусеничные экскаваторы DOOSAN

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